SSRS 2008 website keep asking to enter username and password

Our client has got an issue hat SSRS keeps asking the username and password when they access the SSRS websites.
We have checked all the SSRS configuration settings and found all the configurations is correct.
Finally, we have found the issue was caused by the IE settings.
In the IE Tools –> Internet Options –> Security –> Internet, click Customer Level button and scroll down the new window to bottom. Change the value in the User Authentication setting to Automatic Logon with current username and password.
1) Remove RSWindowsNegotiate and ensure RSWindowsNTLM is specified in the file rsreportserver.config

2) OR, change the report server service account to Network Service

3) OR, configure a specific hostheader for SSRS, configure your DNS server to understand that hostheader, and configure your domain controller to have an SPN for the hostheader and the report server service account.

Clearly #1 is the easiest but not necessarily the right change.  The rest of this post attempts to explain the cause and the merits of each solution.

The werid issue can be fixed after changing the value.
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