AX 2009 Client Kernel Version is still 5.0.593 after upgrade to SP1

One of our clients installed Dynamics AX 2009 and upgraded to SP1 on their AX servers.

But they got the Kernel version issue after they upgraded to SP1. If they open the AX and check the kernel version using Help –> About Dynamics AX, they can see that the Kernel Version is 5.0.593 (RTM) not 5.0.1000 (SP1). But the application is the correct version (5.0.1000).
After investigating on this case, the issue is caused by the HotFix KB957312. When our client installed AX, they followed the AX installation Guide and installed the HotFix KB957312 before they upgraded to SP1. But the HotFix KB957312 was released after AX 2009 SP1, the AX 2009 SP1 installation application does not change the AX32.exe because the time stamp of KB957312 is after AX 2009 SP1.
It is product defect of kernel hotfix.
1. Uninstall KB957312 and install SP1 patch again.
2. Alternatively, we can apply the latest SP1 Kernel Hotfix
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