Field Missed in AX Enterprise Portal web parts


When we modified some AX Enterprise Portal web parts and tried to redeploy it to the Enterprise Portal in a 64 bit Windows 2008 R2 server, we found that those new fields we added into the AX web parts did not appear in the web sites some times.

It is caused by the that was not deployed successfully.
Go to SharePoint Central Administration –>  Operation –> Global Configuration –> Solution Management, Click the "" and then click the button "Deploy Solution" in the Solution Properties web page. Choose the Enterprise Portal website to deploy. After that, run the command using the Command Prompt window :
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Setup\AxUpdatePortal -updateWebSites -iisreset
If you get any error to deploy it using the command, you can add -verbose "C:\EP Error\deploy.log" after -iisreset. Check the log file to see what cause the deploy error.
The issue can be fixed after that.
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3 Responses to Field Missed in AX Enterprise Portal web parts

  1. Vikas Mehta says:

    I am not able to display a standard ax report in EP.

    All those reports which are being displayed directly(i.e. those which open directly from AOT.) through ax are being displayed but am not able to display the same with sales invoice or salesconfirm.

    Can anyone please help me in this issue.


    Vikas Mehta.

    • Pin Wang says:

      you mean the AX report opened from Rich Client?
      Only the standard SSRS report can be displayed in EP based on the configuration. If you want to dispaly more SSRS reports, you need to add it to EP.

  2. Vikas Mehta says:

    Hi Pin,
    The standard AX report can be opened in EP but there is some parameter which needs to be passed via the menu item .
    The report opens the same way as it does for an standard ep sales invoice report in pdf.
    So I need to open some other report say Xyz which accepts some parameters and opens up in ep in a pdf .
    I would really appreciate if you could highlight on this issue.
    Vikas Mehta.

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