Two New Dynamics AX 2009 Books published

Thanks to Packt Publishing that offers new Dynamics AX related books to us.
The first book titled "Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Development CookBook" is a solution to all the real-world Dynamics AX development problems over 60 simple but incredibly effective recipes. Based on my Dynamics AX experience, it is a good AX book for AX developers.

You could also got through the sample chapter titled Working with Forms to know more about the book:



The other one titled "Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Programming: Getting Started" is a good book for Dynamics AX new learners to get a deep understanding of Dynamics AX tools and architecture. It will introduce you to the X++ language. It helps you to create new functionality that can be used and changed in the standard application. You’ll also learn how to search, manipulate, and integrate data.
The practical examples in this book take you through sample AX development projects and help you learn to create forms, reports, menu items, menus, and navigation pages. It also helps you work with the MorphX application.
If you are new to Microsoft Dynamics AX, I recommend this book to you as it can save you a lot time and help you kick into AX area very quickly.
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