Dynamics AX SSRS database in Suspect status

[Scope] The SSRS reports stop running in Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal with the error ReportServerTempDB Database is Suspect.



Build/Detailed Version: 5.0.1000.52

Database: SQL Server 2005




1. Stop SQL Server Service

2. copy the ReportServerTempDB database and log files to other location

3. Start SQL Server Service

4. Delete ReportServerTempDB from SSMS

5. Create the Database with the Same Name

6. Stop the SQL Server Service

7. Replace the new database with the old one

8. Start the SQL Server Service

9.Run alter database dbname emergency to Set the database in emergency mode

10. User the Command as below to restore the Database. 

  use master

  declare @databasename varchar(255)

  set @databasename=’databasename’

  exec sp_dboption @databasename, N’single’, N’true’

  dbcc checkdb(@databasename,REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS)

  dbcc checkdb(@databasename,REPAIR_REBUILD)

  exec sp_dboption @databasename, N’single’, N’false’

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