wrong Sysdata Path after changing the FRx server name

After modifying the FRx server name and modify the client setup files and FRx designer settings to direct to the new server path, users still has the wrong sysdatapath value when accessing FRx in FRx client computer.

I got the wrong sysdatapath value in the XML file on client computers,

C:\Documents and Settings\"Users Name"\Local Settings\Application Data\FRx Software\FRx 6.7\FRxConfig.xml
<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
                <frxInstallation programPath="\\New Server Name\frx software\FRx">
                                <sysdataPath>\\Old Server Name\frx software\FRx\SysData</sysdataPath>
                                <iodataPath>\\New Server Name\frx software\FRx\IO_Data</iodataPath>

When we investigated the issue in FRx server, we found another file we should modified to change the SysDataPath value automatically.

The Report Designer application executable is FRX32.exe which also invokes Frx32.cfg.

When I checked the FRx32.cfg file, the value inside still pointed to the old environment.

The issue was fixed after pointing the value inside the configure file to new environment.

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