AX Enterprise Portal cannot be accessed in Microsoft Dynamics AX VPC

The AX Enterprise Portal is set to http://sharepoint/ep in Microsoft Dynamics AX VPC and combined with IP.

The EP site cannot be accessed after changing the initial IP to other internal IPs.

The way to fix this issue is add host records in local VPC and check the host headers in IIS.

Step 1.

Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and Open the hosts file using notepad.

Add one record in the bottom                 sharepoint


Go to IIS, Open WebSites –> SharePoint –sharepoint80, Right Click the website and Choose Properties.

In the Web Site Tab, Click Advanced and make sure the sharepoint is in the host header value.

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3 Responses to AX Enterprise Portal cannot be accessed in Microsoft Dynamics AX VPC

  1. jie889 says:

    hi Pin
    do you have any idea about “EP上打印页面,为何总是会多打印一张空白页出来?”
    Our client does not like it, we could not find it out.


    • Pin Wang says:

      Hi Jie,

      I never tried the EP print before. I think you may need to modify your web page settings or Printer setting (Sorry, cannot help you more on this as I am not a developer guy)

  2. Abdurahiman says:

    Hi Jie
    I am installing AX 2012 and successfull in all part except SQL Analysis Service. When I Install it, the Analysis Databse is not created. I tried to change the collation to Latin1General. Restarted service first, then the server itself. I changed the service account to BcProxy account etc. Once in Ax 2009, I had the same problem and changing the collation worked. At that time when I contacted Microsoft, they asked me to run “support\Analysis Services\Scripts\dynamicsax.xmla” (the script from AX 2009 DVD). But here I cannot see that. Do you have any advise.

    Thank you


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