CFO Role Center KPIs error in new Financial Year

In the new financial year, CFO or Accountants KPIs may get error message in the Role Center Page as below:

The Value expression for the query parameter ‘Year’ contains an error: Index was outside the bounds of the array. (rsProcessingError).

It looks like the time dimension has not be processed correctly. After processing all the Cubes, we still got the same error message.

After checking the MDX and dimensions, we decided to process the ledger period time transactions dimension.

The issue has been fixed after that.

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4 Responses to CFO Role Center KPIs error in new Financial Year

  1. ziad says:


    I have the same problem, all transaction done in 2010 are being reflected correctlly while those in the new fiscal year (2011) are being matched with an “Uknowen” period value.
    i did process the ledger period dimension and the cubes but still having the same problem
    any ideas ?

    • Pin Wang says:

      Hi, what I did is to check the year dimension and project ledger period dimension data. Can you check if you specified the default year value in the Role Center report?

      • ziad says:


        Thanks for your reply

        i didnt check the project ledger period since i dont use the project account module however im going to do that now, as for the default year balue in the role center report i didnt modify it, i have left just as it is configured upon installation, should i alter anything in it ?
        Further testing i did was trasnactions in december and november of last year (2010) those were reflctec in the KPI (i did sales orders and checked the CFOprofitabiltyanalysis KPI) then i did 3 sales orders in jan, feb and march 2011 non of them showed in any of the KPI periods however they were all summed up (jan + feb + March) and thier value was reflected in an “Unkonwen” time period

        your help is highly apprecitaed and kindly advise that if possible to contact you via phone if you have any ideas about this


  2. Pin Wang says:

    Have you processed those cubes?
    BTW, I am not a Senior BI technician. I can only share the issue I have got and the solution to it.

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