Dynamics AX 2009 SP1 AOS Server crashes randomly

One of our customers  complained that their AOS server started crashing randomly everyday. The application or System configuration had not been modified before that.

When I went to the Event Viewer and check the Application event log, I could only find one useless error message.

All the troubleshooting work had been implemented as below:

1. install Windows SDK Debugging tools

2. Collect the AOS Crashes information to a dump file

3. Analysis the dump file. The information in the dump file (access violation exception in the instruction Ax32Serv!SqlStmt::GetFetchedDataContents+180) shows the issue can be resolved by AX 2009 Sp1 Rollup 3 or later hotfixes.


4. download Rollup 3 ( I downloaded Rollup 6) and Upgrade the Object Server to RU 6. After that, I solved the problem.

Please note that, not all the AOS crashes issue can be fixed via RU3 or later. You need to diagnostic the issue via the dump files if you cannot get enough information from the Event Log.

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